Official Stegmaier partner

Official partner of Stegmaier awings.

The German bases awing company Stegmaier and the join forces to combine their two products, race trailers and the high-quality awnings.

Stegmaier motorsport awnings for all racing series.

Stegmaier race awnings are excellent choices for all racing series - from karting to Formula 1. Awnings are custom-made for race trailers. We are offering a variety of sizes, specifications and colours.

Durable race awnings with sophisticated details

High-quality aluminium profiles, galvanised connectors and many in-house developed (and in some cases patented) special components guarantee your motorsport awning offers maximum stability, performance and the ultimate in durability. The awning skin is made of very robust, but particularly lightweight high-tech awning fabric. Combined with keders and zips as connecting elements, a variety of design options are possible. Clever designs and innovative details also ensure the awning's quick and easy to erect and is fully secure.

Motorsport awnings for workshops to VIP hospitality venues

We can provide awnings that serve practical purposes as workshops or act as classy venues for high-end VIP hospitality. Our experience with a number of demanding projects guarantees that we will come up with an awning that is perfect for you.