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The F20 is a closed trailer/shuttle for lightweight cars with a tailgate at the rear. At the front there is an easily accessible hatch. The F20 Motorsport Shuttle comes with a standard robust nosewheel, a manual 900kg winch which is interchangeable to the right or left side and a spare wheel with tyre.

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Standard equipped with:

  • Twin AL-KO chassis
  • Isolated polyester walls
  • Honeycomb built walls
  • Big tail lift with gas springs
  • Big front door on the head of the shuttle
  • Fully-fledged spare wheel
  • Manually movable winch

Internal dimensions:

  • Length: 4,98 metres
  • Heigth: 1,80 metres 
  • Width: 1,98 metres
  • Basic Weight: 750 KG

External dimensions:

  • Length: 6,16 metres
  • Height: 2,17 metres
  • Width: 2,10 metres
  • Maximum acceptable weight: 1.250 KG
Please note: the prices quoted are ex-factory in Italy and therefore do not include transport to the Netherlands. The photos shown may contain options that are not standard and should, therefore, be seen as an additional price.

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