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The F20 is a closed trailer/shuttle for lightweight cars with a tailgate at the rear. At the front there is an easily accessible hatch. The F20 Motorsport Shuttle comes with a standard robust nosewheel, a manual 900kg winch which is interchangeable to the right or left side and a spare wheel with tyre.

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Standard equipped with:

  • Twin AL-KO chassis
  • Isolated polyester walls
  • Honeycomb built walls
  • Big tail lift with gas springs
  • Big front door on the head of the shuttle
  • Fully-fledged spare wheel
  • Manually movable winch

Internal dimensions:

  • Length: 4,98 metres
  • Heigth: 1,80 metres 
  • Width: 1,98 metres
  • Basic Weight: 750 KG

External dimensions:

  • Length: 6,16 metres
  • Heigth: 2,17 metres
  • Width: 2,10 metres
  • Maximum acceptable weight: 1.250 KG

Contact: Ron Reinders 
Mobile number: +3165 254 79 03

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